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Krausman's Woodcarving Studio 2020 Seminar Schedule

The class offerings for 2020 are listed below. A brief description of the seminar can be found by clicking on each row. To reserve your space, call or email us now! All you need is a $300 non-refundable deposit for any class. Then 1/2 of the remaining balance will be due 4 months prior to your class. At this point all payments become non-refundable and must be paid prior to attending class. All seminar fees include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please make your checks payable to Pam Krausman.

Decorative / Realistic 1/3 Size Bald Eagle in an Animated Pose
- Now Online -
Keith Mueller
Dates: May 30-June 8, 2020
Price: $1395 + $475 Kit Fee
This magnificent decorative/realistic third-size male Bald Eagle (11 inches long) will feature a ready to fly posture with slightly opened wings that will be carved separately and inserted. Carving this Eagle with the inserted wings enables you to carve the bird with a realistic animated posture with wings that are raised off the back and tail. It also allows an open view under the slightly opened wings hinting at the underwing feathering and showing off the large slightly fanned tail (which will also be separately carved and inserted) giving the Eagle an important feeling of movement. What makes an Eagle an Eagle? I will showcase and instruct the correct techniques of realistically feathering your Eagle. This will include anatomy, pterylosis (feather tracts study), feather articulation, feather groupings and most importantly Eagle feather textures. Correct and proper feather burning techniques will be instructed to properly develop the smooth velvet surface of the Eagle's feathers. This class will feature the elements of Color Theory/Harmony, dynamic light-play, and artistic and sculptural design and concepts. Mixed media of both acrylic and oil paints will be used for the painting of this male Bald Eagle. Correct, realistic and inspiring color mixing and painting techniques based on my unique and dynamic color harmony and mixing methods will be taught. Your Eagles will be carved at home in the comfort of your own workshop using my unique emailed carving instruction system with regular emailed step by step demo images and instructions. When you come to class, your bird will be all carved and ready to begin finishing steps and painting. My inspiration for this Eagle came from a sighting I had on the coast of Maine while searching for Puffins. A majestic Eagle landed on a large granite boulder along the shoreline on an offshore island. I envision our Eagles perched atop the abstract granite form ready to launch into flight as the boat approached. The first two days of the class session will be designed around carving the feet and talons, starting the base perch design section and discussing compositional elements to your design. Each Eagle perch composition will be designed to your personal taste and inspired thoughts. While working on the feet and talons, and perch section, I will be reviewing everyones Eagle carvings allowing time for completion and/or adjustments before preparing the birds for painting. This leaves eight full days of painting; plenty of time to feel relaxed and not rushed! My class is designed as a complete and comprehensive learning experience for those who want to learn exceptional art fundamentals and techniques and to enhance and improve your carving and painting skills. You will learn to use and understand a dynamic color palette, advance your carving level, and feel inspired to challenge yourself! To understand my teaching theory and methods, my class is not a carve and paint and finish within a specified framework of time class. I teach complex and thought-provoking advanced techniques and theory. Because of the complexities of my class, I do not demonstrate simplified techniques for completion within an unrealistic time frame! My main focus is to help develop your individual and independent creativity and thinking through my methods of theory, fundamentals and artistic relationships. With all the copious amount of art theory and instruction, your creativity and skills will be profoundly enhanced in my classes. There is no pressure to finish your Eagle. You will have the freedom to explore the elements of art on your Eagle and have the luxury to create and finish your Bald Eagle at your pace by your own hand in class and in your own home in your comfortable and relaxed time frame. The result will be a realistically and artistically inspired Bald Eagle made by you; not a hands on replica of mine! Your finished Eagle will be a majestic artistic sculpture created by you rather than just another carved Eagle!

Wildfowl Carving Magazine is proud to present the BRAND NEW book, Half-size Great Horned Owl by Keith Mueller. Acclaimed bird carver Keith Mueller provides complete, start-to-finish instructions for carving and painting a beautiful great horned owl.
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Contemporary/Modern Cackling Goose OR
Brant Decoy
- Now Online -
Keith Mueller
Dates: June 14-19, 2020
Price: $895 + $325 Kit Fee
For this class you will have the choice to carve a Cackling Goose, or a Brant (Atlantic or Pacific) decoy. The modern style Cackling Goose and Brant will be designed as a realistically inspired bird with life-like features such as an accurate bill with details, realistic head and eye expression, raised wings, raised tertials and secondaries, and rolled-out side pockets. The decoys will be painted with oil paints featuring individual feather-by-feather painting and blending. All aspects to my style of decoy painting will be discussed and demonstrated including paint and palette selection, color value mixing, mediums and diluents, brush selection and blending techniques. I will demonstrate both advanced feather blending and a similar simplified version depending on your skill and comfort level; your choice. The decoy will be carved by you in the comfort of your carving studio using my unique emailed instruction lessons. When you come to class, your decoys will be all carved and ready for six days of painting! This will be an exciting decoy painting class!

Wildfowl Carving Magazine is proud to present the BRAND NEW book, Half-size Great Horned Owl by Keith Mueller. Acclaimed bird carver Keith Mueller provides complete, start-to-finish instructions for carving and painting a beautiful great horned owl.
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Painting the Wood Duck Drake
- Now Online -
Pat Godin
Dates: August 29-September 5, 2020
Price: $1195 + $175 Kit Fee
(+ $75 Casting Extra)

This seminar with Seventeen-time World Champion Pat Godin will be entirely a painting session using acrylic paints. The subject will be the Wood Duck Drake, a beautiful bird full of iridescence. The students will either carve their own bird to paint on or can choose to paint on a casting of this bird by Dennis Schroeder. Pat will also provide a CD showing the carving of this particular bird for those wishing to carve their own bird. The Wood Duck Drake is a bird that has iridescent colors throughout the body. Pat will discuss the qualities of feathers that result in dramatic iridescent effects. The techniques for developing these colors will be shown, in addition to using paint to create illusions of three-dimensional shape in feathers. In addition to learning the technique to duplicate the illusion of iridescence, the students will learn methods of hand brushing vermiculation using a sable brush. Pat will be demonstrating his systematic approach to applying paint in a logical sequence to come up with an accurate result, a technique that can be applied to many species of waterfowl and other birds. Learning to create soft blends is very important on this bird. A number of methods of paint application and blending will be explored including dry brushing, wash blending, layering and staging of color values, accenting feather structure with painted barb detail, and airbrushing. Students will receive a CD showing the painting of the Wood Duck Drake along with a CD showing the carving stages of this particular bird. If you are going to have us do a carving kit for you which will include the CD, pattern, blank, eyes, study bill, and reference photos and shipping, the cost will be $175.00. Casting will be $75. To receive the painting portion of this seminar, you will have to pay for the seminar in full first which won't be available until just prior to the seminar.
To view Pat's art and items available go to godinart.com
Carve and Paint a Male Life-size American Kestrel
- Now Online -
Al Jordan
Dates: September 11-20, 2020
Price: $1395 + Kit Fee
Join Al and bring to life a piece of Tupelo. Al has spent the better part of the last 20 years as a Master Falconer. During this time he has gained an intimate Knowledge of each of his carving subjects. You will soon discover that he has no secrets and plenty of knowledge to give. For the last 10 years each of his award winning competition pieces has been the result of a teaching seminar. This includes his 2017 life size 3rd Best in World and 2019 2nd Best in World Miniature. He holds nothing back! The subject for this seminar is a life size American Kestrel (arguably North America's prettiest raptor). It will be screaming with mouth wide open, defending its latest meal. Not only are you carving the Kestrel, but making feet, a post, barbed wire and rusty nail. You as well have the option of adding the remains of its recent meal, the wing of an English Sparrow underfoot. Al will touch on all aspects of North America's smallest Falcon. Included but not limited to size, feathering of a falcon, colors and markings, age progression, male vs female, diet, habitat and so much more, as well as how all this applies to our art form. Painting in acrylics, he will touch on lighting, shadows, layering(translucence), advantages of an airbrush and more. Most importantly will becreation of realistic feathers both soft and flight through carving, texturing and painting. If all works out, Al will bring a live Kestrel to join us in class. What better reference can there be!
To view Al's art and items available go to www.ajordanbirds.com
The Art of Inserting Carved Feathers
- Now Online -
Keith Mueller
Dates: November, 2020
Price: $450 + Kit Fee
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For my upcoming winter "Virtual" VIDEO seminar/class, the subject will be based on my techniques for individual feather carving and inserting! The subject species for my feather insert class will be Barn Owl.
I will be showing how to work on the caudal end of the bird which includes the tail, upper and lower tail coverts, uropygial coverts, and part of a wing including primary remiges, tertials, secondaries and a few coverts. All feathers will be individually carved and inserted following a structured study from the pterylea (feather tracts).
I will be demonstrating my method of boil-bending wood sections as well as making the jigs for the bending of the feathers and how to bend them successfully in the jigs. This method is my main technique for developing the natural curves in the feathers, especially for the long feathers of the tail and primaries. I will show every aspect of carving individual feathers and fitting them in place following the natural feather tracts (pterylea) of the bird. The kits include the basic caudal body section, and enough wood sections for you to bend and carve your individual feathers ready for insertion.
These classes will be starting in late November before the holidays, and since it is a virtual class you can work on your study at your pace following my video instruction in your home at your comfortable carving bench. All aspects of this innovative approach will be discussed.

Wildfowl Carving Magazine is proud to present the BRAND NEW book, Half-size Great Horned Owl by Keith Mueller. Acclaimed bird carver Keith Mueller provides complete, start-to-finish instructions for carving and painting a beautiful great horned owl.
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Carve and Paint Sleeping Drake Ring-Necked Duck Decoy
- Now Online -
Keith Mueller
Dates: November, 2020
Price: $895 + Kit Fee
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Option also: drake Lesser Scaup gunning decoy.
You will have the choice to carve and paint either a drake Ring-necked Duck or Lesser Scaup modern-style gunning rig type decoy in your own home through this "virtual" video-instructed seminar!
The decoy will feature a modern/realistic style design with its classic "turned-back", "tucked- bill" highlighting this eye-appealing decoy pose.
Each class segment will be demonstrated through my live carving (and painting) instruction in a comprehensive and relaxed pace that will be easy to follow and understand. I will be demonstrating the "getting started" steps of rounding and rough-shaping the decoy body through a short series of step by step photographs. Once that has been accomplished then the video instruction begins.
The beauty of these virtual classes are that you do not need to be on a physical class schedule. You can review the information on the videos and work on your schedule and at your pace. Included in the video instruction will be several Zoom meetings to discuss the techniques on the videos and to answer any questions you may have.
Each decoy will be painted with oil paints including my decoy painting techniques of pre- painting, underpainting, soft blending, combing, and more. Just as in all my classes, I will instruct everyone in oil painting basics, advanced techniques, classic combing techniques, understanding color, and the proper use of oil paints.
The decoys will be carved from tupelo blanks which are supplied in each class kit, as well as glass eyes. All you will need to do will be to make sure you have a basic supply list including, citrus thinner (or odorless mineral spirits), matte Shultz medium, a basic set of brushes, decoy combs, and a small palette of oil paint colors. The brush list and paint color list will be given to you to make sure you are ready for painting.
Hope you can make this exciting virtual class! See you soon!
Lifesize Brown Thrasher
- Postponed to 2021 -
Gary Eigenberger
Dates: 2021
Price: $1395 + Kit Fee
Please join the seven times Ward World Champion and twenty two times Best in Masters award in doing a Life-size Brown Thrasher out of tupelo wood. The Brown Thrasher is a beautiful elegant bird with long tail feathers and very attractive markings on the under side and the above upper side has a very warm russet color that will offer an enjoyable painting experience. The bird will be painted in oil paint however you can paint with acrylics if you prefer. The pose will be with an open mouth. Feather splits will be burned in along with the major feather shafts. Some feathers will be undercut. Gary has a very unique way of describing contour feathers with feather formers. This technique provides a very consistent textured surface to paint on. This bird will be carved out of one piece of wood. Combination stoning and texturing will be used. Topics stressed will include feather layout, texturing, and burning. Students should bring reference photos to class. There will be some wood bases available for purchase. For anyone who is interested there will be a complementary pose available for purchase. Depending on skill level, carvers can carve both birds as far as they want until time to paint at which point, they will paint the class bird. Gary will focus on preparing the surface for painting, mixing colors, oil painting which will include wet on wet and wet on dry blending techniques, and soft translucent painting techniques. Gary will be using acrylics as well as oils in painting this bird with more in depth painting. You can be an oil or acrylic painter to take this class. To get feather patterns and their richness, translucency or softness, Gary complements actual textures from his burning tools with the illusion of highlights and shadows with oil pigments. He shows you how to play warm and cool colors against each other to suggest feathers under feathers and to mass in color and create details from negative space. Gary will start the seminar doing a 2 day habitat class for the Life-size Brown Thrasher. You will learn a very unique way of making songbird feet on habitat. Many people struggle with feet making. This will be a great learning experience for creating accurate well done feet. A few different techniques will be demonstrated for making the unique habitat in which you would portray and find this bird. This way you the student will know how you are going to present your carving once complete. To view Gary's art go to www.garyeigenberger.com

A note on Keith Mueller's classes: If the subjects chosen are not your choice, you can still work with Keith and carve your choice of subject at home and come to paint in either or both seminar time slots. You may also independent study in any of Keith's classes. If you choose to take two or more Mueller seminars or other seminars you will receive a $50 discount.

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