Wildlife Reference Photos and Woodcarving Studio



Reference Photos

We started out with wildlife reference photos and now have over 300 sets available for purchase.

These are up-close, detailed shots of live birds of prey, freshwater fish, mammals, game-birds, waterbirds, and songbirds.

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Beach on Lake

Carving Seminars

We provide an educational facility like no other. From May to October we offer week-long seminars taught by world class teachers. Our studio is set up for power-carving, traditional carving, and all kinds of painting.

Work stations are equipped with a foredom hanger, dust collection system, paper towels, water containers, and a high intensity light.

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Warbler bird

Products and Ordering

With each seminar all of the necessary supplies are available at the studio for purchase.

We also offer clothing embroidered with our logo. Learn more about ordering our products, apparel, and photo packets.

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