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Krausman's Woodcarving Studio 2018 Seminar Schedule

The class offerings for 2018 are listed below. A brief description of each seminar can be found by clicking on each row. To reserve your space, simply call or email us! All you need is a $200 non-refundable deposit for any class, then 1/2 of the remaining balance will be due 4 months prior to your class. At this point all payments become non-refundable and must be paid prior to attending class. If you take more than one seminar, you will get a $50 discount per 6-10 day class and $25 per 3 day class. The kit fee is the deposit for the Mueller classes, and may reduced depending on projects selected. You will also recieve an additional $50 discount if you come to Keith for the entire time period. All seminar fees include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please make your checks payable to Pam Krausman.

10-day decorative full-sized Ruffed Grouse nestled in the leaves...with a twist!
Keith Mueller
Dates: June 3-12, 2018
Price: $1,350 + $475 Kit Fee
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The bird will be supported by its tail and suspended slightly above the base. Carved leaves will surround the Grouse with interpretive leaf designs and patterns making up the base component in a stylized abstract overall base design. You will have the choice of painting your Grouse in red or gray plumage. Of course, as in all of my decorative classes, elements of Color Theory/Harmony and artistic design and concepts will be the framework for the class. Oil paints will be used, but if you prefer to use acrylics, that can be arranged with prior notice. The Grouse will be carved and feathered by you at home in your studio with regular emailed demo images and instructions. When you come to class, your bird will be all carved and ready to begin. The first few days of class we will work together to make sure the birds are completed with proper surface textures and we will carve the leaves, develop the overall design and then begin painting! Images of the carved bird can be found on the Krausman's Woodcarving Studio Facebook page and www.krausmansphotography.com.
Life-size White-tailed Kite
Keith Mueller
Dates: June 14-16, 2018
Price: $450 + $250 Kit Fee
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"Pteryleaography"...the study of feather tracts, feather articulation and feather structures! The subject for this three-day class is a "sun bathing" White-tailed Kite. This class is about how to understand feathers and how to accurately articulate and reproduce these feathers on the subject bird. This feather understanding also includes the correct feather texture that best authenticates the individual specialized feathers. As in all my classes, everyone will carve their birds at home in your studios with regular emailed demo images and instructions. When you come to class, your Kite will be generally shaped and carved (without feather groups and feathers) and ready to begin feather instruction and carving. Images of the carved bird can be found on the Krausman's Woodcarving Studio Facebook page and www.krausmansphotography.com.
Classic Gunning Decoys
Keith Mueller
Dates: June 17-22, 2018
Price: $900 + $450 Kit Fee
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For my 2018 Gunning Decoy class at the Krausman's Woodcarving Studio, everyone will be given a choice of (one of three) decoys: Crowell preening drake Pintail decoy, a Crowell preening Whimbrel decoy, or the third choice this classic Pintail drake gunning decoy. Oil painting techniques using the Elmer Crowell style of painting will be taught. And as a bonus, to accompany your choice of either Pintails or the Whimbrel, everyone will make an "antiqued" Tufted Puffin decoy. This decoy is a stylized contemporary style decoy and will have only a slight aged look to it. Images of the carved birds can be found on the Krausman's Woodcarving Studio Facebook page and www.krausmansphotography.com.
Bonus Option - Decorative Drake Green-winged Teal
Keith Mueller
Dates: June 3-12, 2018
Price: $1,350 + $250 Kit Fee
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If you would like to try "something different" in a class, the Krausman's and I are offering a special addition to the schedule: a 10 day drake Green-winged Teal "Pteryleaography"! You will carve and generally shape your Teal at home in your studio with emailed instructions. When you come to class, you will be ready to begin accurate feather reproduction through theory and instructions...See "Life-size White-tailed Kite" above for further details.
Life-Sized Least Bittern
Gary Eigenberger
Dates: August 12-19, 2018
Price: $1,050 + Kit Fee
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Please join the five times Ward World Miniatures Champion and twenty times Ward World Masters Champion in doing a life-sized Least Bittern out of tupelo wood. The Least Bittern is a very dainty colorful little water bird. It will be in an upright posture in breeding plumage. Feather splits will be burned in along with the major feather shafts. Some feathers will be undercut. Feather formers will be used to create a softness in the feathers. Gary will demonstrate legs and feet. This bird will be carved out of one piece of wood. Combination stoning and texturing will be used. Topics stressed will include feather layout, texturing, and burning. Students should bring reference photos to class. Many of you have expressed that you would like to do your habitat ahead and bring it with you ready for the bird. A clay model will be done up and posted at a later date of the posture that will be done in class so you can make a pleasing composition for your mount otherwise there will be some materials available for purchase. For anyone who is interested, there will be a 2nd cut-out of the bittern in a different pose available for purchase to take home to do. Gary will focus on preparing the surface for painting, mixing colors, oil painting which will include wet on wet and wet on dry blending techniques, and soft translucent painting techniques. Gary will be using acrylics as well as oils in painting this bird with more in depth painting. You can be an oil or acrylic painter to take this class. To get feather patterns and their richness, translucency or softness, Gary complements actual textures from his burning tools with the illusion of highlights and shadows with oil pigments. He shows you how to play warm and cool colors against each other to suggest feathers under feathers and to mass in color and create details from negative space.
To view Gary's art go to www.garyeigenberger.com
Bald Eagle
Floyd Scholz
Dates: September 10-19, 2018
Price: $1,350
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Few creatures personify Power, Integrity and Majesty than the mighty Bald Eagle! As perhaps one of the most easily identifiable birds in the world, the Bald Eagle is the perfect subject for the artist and carver. Join Floyd Scholz at Jim and Pam Krausman's up in beautiful Gwinn, Michigan next September for 10 days of learning and comradery as you work to bring this great bird to life. Carved out of the finest Tupelo wood available, this 1/3 scale, 12" tall powerhouse will stand tall perched upon a carved base simulating a Granite boulder. You may return home tired, but you'll be armed with new found confidence in your ability to tackle any carving project! Your Bald Eagle will be something you'll be plenty proud to display for all to see and admire. In just 10 short days, you will create a sculpture destined to become your family`s most cherished heirloom which will be fought over for generations! Don't delay, sign up today as this is one class that is sure to sell out faster than a diving Bald Eagle in pursuit of a Salmon dinner!
Moose Quilt Wallhanging, Reversible Purse, Tote Bag, Nature's Bounty Bowls
Jo Ann Jolley
Dates: All Seminars
Price: $100 + kit fee + meal fee
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The quilting projects for 2018 will include a variety of fun projects. This 36"x31" quick and easy patchwork moose wallhanging will be a great reminder of your stay in the northwoods. The reversible purse is a shoulder bag with a tie handle or a longer crossbody bag which is a simple project for someone who has never quilted before. Or you can choose a tote bag with a patchwork, button, or applique front panel to customize this bag to your liking. Applique options include oak or maple leaves, a butterfly, turtle, or design your own. Beads can be added for extra embellishment if you like. Another option for 2018 are fabric bowls in the design of maple or birch leaves in fall colors, poinsettias, sunflowers, butterflies, or pumpkins. The fusing and molding technique is nique and simple.

A note on Keith Mueller's classes: If the subjects chosen are not your choice, you can still work with Keith and carve your choice of subject at home and come to paint in either or both seminar time slots. You may also do an independent study in any of Keith's classes. If you choose to take two or more Mueller seminars or other seminars you will recieve a $50 discount.

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