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Krausman's Woodcarving Studio 2019 Seminar Schedule

The class offerings for 2019 are listed below. A brief description of each seminar can be found by clicking on each row. To reserve your space, simply call or email us! All you need is a $200 non-refundable deposit for any class, then 1/2 of the remaining balance will be due 4 months prior to your class. At this point all payments become non-refundable and must be paid prior to attending class. If you take more than one seminar, you will get a $50 discount per 6-10 day class and $25 per 3 day class. The kit fee is the deposit for the Mueller classes, and may reduced depending on projects selected. You will also receive an additional $50 discount if you come to Keith for the entire time period. All seminar fees include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please make your checks payable to Pam Krausman.

Decorative Half-size Female Great Horned Owl
Keith Mueller
Dates: June 2-11, 2019
Price: $1,350 + $475 Kit Fee

This magnificent perched female Great Horned Owl carving will feature folded wings that are carved separately and inserted. Carving this Owl with the inserted wings enables you to carve the bird with a realistic animated posture with wings that are raised off the back and tail. It also allows an open view under the wing-tips showing the base of the tail and the upper tail coverts giving the Owl an important feeling of movement. "What makes an Owl an Owl"? I will showcase and instruct the correct techniques of realistically feathering your Owl. This will include anatomy, pterylosis (feather tracts study), feather articulation, feather groupings and most importantly "Owl feather textures".

This class will feature the elements of Color Theory/Harmony and artistic design and concepts. Mixed media of both acrylic and oil paints will be used for the painting of the Great Horned Owl. Correct, realistic and inspiring color mixing and painting techniques based on my unique and dynamic color harmony and mixing methods will be taught. For this Owl class, you will have a choice to carve your Owl in either of two positions: looking forward over its chest, or looking to the side over its wing. Your Owls will be carved at home in the comfort of your own workshop using my unique emailed carving instruction system with regular emailed step by step demo images and instructions. When you come to class, your bird will be all carved and ready to begin painting.

My class is designed as a complete and comprehensive learning experience for those who want to learn exceptional art fundamentals and techniques and to enhance and improve your carving and painting skills. You will learn to use and understand a dynamic color palette, advance your carving level, and feel inspired to challenge yourself! Because of the copious amount of art theory and instruction, your creativity and skills will be profoundly enhanced in my classes. There is no pressure to finish your Owl. You will have the freedom to explore the elements of art on your Owl. You will have the luxury to create and finish your Great Horned Owl at your pace by your own hand in class and in your own home in your time frame. The result will be a realistically and artistically inspired Owl made by you. Your finished Owl will be a majestic artistic sculpture created by you rather than just another carved Owl!

This is best described in these testimonials by two of my students one of them who took my class for the first-time this year-
"Keith's style of teaching is to provide you with options for you to consider and practice during and after the class. Carving the ruffed grouse at home prior to the class allowed me to take my time and learn about Keith's style of carving. I had months to work on it. During the class Keith presented options related to: Composition / design; anatomy; behavior; eye shapes, color theory, color selection, mixing, blending and applying oils to name a few".
"I left excited and motivated to take all that information and apply it to a higher-level carving that is rarely demonstrated in a book. The best thing you can take way from Keith's class is not a finished bird, but the knowledge and motivation that you can apply to all of your future carvings. Keith doesn't just show you how to do things, he enables you to take that knowledge and use it in every project you do after the class. I was hungry for that kind of learning experience before I went to Krausman's. I left super excited to finish my grouse and I can't wait to go back".
– Art Wolff, 8/18
From another student regarding my color theory and mixing instruction-
"What an absolutely eye-opening and transformative experience! I shall never paint again on my own without doing your color theory lessons! I love the fact that this whole exercise has allowed my own artistic and aesthetic sense to choose the basic color I see on the bird...and thus make it very clearly my own personal interpretation and rendering."
"I also see how these color mixing value boards have placed before me a perfect road map to choose differing values and even hues that I shall desire as the painting progresses....and to know that they all harmonize. Your teaching to us all here was an incredible gift."
-Lorne Ruby, 9/18
Drake Old Squaw Decoy or Carved Eagle Foot
Keith Mueller
Dates: June 13-15, 2019
Price: $450 + $150 Kit Fee for
Old Squaw only

For the decoy: You will have the choice to carve your Old Squaw decoy in a modern style (combined with traditional design) or in an artistically stylized classic Maine design version including "inletted" mortis and tenon head attachment, carved eyes and wings and an inserted hardwood tail. The modern style Old Squaw decoy will be carved in an eye-appealing relaxed pose with a traditional "feel" to its design. This will include defined and contoured feather groups, individually carved feathers, hardwood tail insert, and a compositionally dynamic carved hardwood keel. The modern and the classic Maine "style" of Old Squaw decoy will be carved from the same pattern in the identical postures... two "styles" of decoys carved in the identical relaxed pose!!

The carved and completed Eagle foot will be carved from tupelo. The talons will be carved from Holly and inserted individually. Each digit/toe will be carved individually and attached to the overall foot. All foot details such as scutes, reticulates, and digit pad textures will be defined and detailed on the entire foot. A realistic cast reproduction will be used as a model and reference for the carving of this foot.

You do have the option to stay into the decoy class following this and paint your Old Squaw decoy with Keith's guidance.

Pair of Classically-Inspired Hooded Merganser or Smew Gunning Decoys
Keith Mueller
Dates: June 16-21, 2019
Price: $900 + $450 Kit Fee

You will have the choice to carve either a pair of life-sized Hooded Mergansers or a pair of life-size Smew...or, a drake of each!! This will be an exciting decoy painting class. The decoys will be designed and carved with a modern/stylized concept highlighting that incredible sleek Merganser "look"!! To match the artfully sculpted design of these Merganser decoys, they will be painted in the classic style of Elmer Crowell inspired by his unique painting techniques in oil paints.

The decoys will be carved by you in the comfort of your carving studio using my unique emailed instruction lessons. When you come to class, your decoys will be all carved and ready for six days of painting! This will be an exciting decoy painting class!

Two-day Habitat Class
Gary Eigenberger
Dates: August 11-12, 2019
Price: $300 + Materials Fee
Gary will also be doing a 2 day habitat class prior to the seminar class for the 2/3rd size Northern Hawk Owl. Gary will demonstrate branch making, leaves, lichens and fungus using a variety of techniques and materials. Students will then make a base for their Northern Hawk Owl using these techniques.
2/3 Size Northern Hawk Owl
Gary Eigenberger
Dates: August 13-20, 2019
Price: $1,050 + Kit Fee

Please join the six times Ward World Champion and twenty times Ward World Masters Champion in doing a 2/3 size Northern Hawk Owl out of tupelo wood. The Northern Hawk Owl is a neat bird with hawk like features with beautiful patterns that will provide a fun and challenging painting experience. The bird will be painted in oil paint however you can paint with acrylics if you prefer. The pose will be with a complete turned head looking over its back. Feather splits will be burned in along with the major feather shafts. Some feathers will be undercut. Feather formers will be used to create a softness in the feathers. This bird will be carved out of one piece of wood. Combination stoning and texturing will be used. Topics stressed will include feather layout, texturing, and burning. Students should bring reference photos to class. There will be some wood bases available for purchase. For anyone who is interested there will be an alternate pose available for purchase.

Gary will focus on preparing the surface for painting, mixing colors, oil painting which will include wet on wet and wet on dry blending techniques, and soft translucent painting techniques. Gary will be using acrylics as well as oils in painting this bird with more in depth painting. You can be an oil or acrylic painter to take this class. To get feather patterns and their richness, translucency or softness, Gary complements actual textures from his burning tools with the illusion of highlights and shadows with oil pigments. He shows you how to play warm and cool colors against each other to suggest feathers under feathers and to mass in color and create details from negative space.
To view Gary's art go to www.garyeigenberger.com

Painting the Wood Duck Hen
Pat Godin
Dates: August 24-31, 2019
Price: $1,150 + $150 Blank Fee
(casting extra)

This seminar with Sixteen-time World Champion Pat Godin will be entirely a painting session using acrylic paints. The subject will be the Wood Duck Hen, a beautiful bird full of iridescence. The students will either carve their own bird to paint on or can choose to paint on a casting of this bird by Dennis Schroeder. Pat will also provide a CD showing the carving of this particular bird for those wishing to carve their own bird.

The Wood Duck Hen is a bird that has soft warm browns and other earth tone colors throughout the body. However, many of these colors are also iridescent. Pat will discuss the qualities of feathers that result in dramatic iridescent effects. The techniques for developing these colors will be shown, in addition to using paint to create illusions of three-dimensional shape in feathers.

Pat will be demonstrating his systematic approach to applying paint in a logical sequence to come up with an accurate result, a technique that can be applied to many specific of waterfowl and other birds. Learning to create soft blends is very important on this bird. A number of methods of paint application and blending will be explored including dry brushing, wash blending, layering and staging of color values, accenting feather structure with painted barb detail, and airbrushing.

Students will receive a CD showing the painting of the Wood Duck Hen along with a CD showing the carving stages of this particular bird. If you are going to have us do a carving kit for you which will include the CD, pattern, blank, eyes, study bill, and reference photos and shipping, the cost will be $150.00. To receive the painting portion of this seminar, you will have to pay for the seminar in full first which won't be available until just prior to the seminar.

Lifesize Male Harris Hawk
Floyd Scholz
Dates: September 9-18
Price: $1,350

Called the "Wolves of the Air", Harris Hawks are one of the most intriguing and beautiful of all Raptors!
A stunning combination of intelligence, elegance and power makes Harris Hawks one of the most recognizable and well known of all the Birds of Prey. Join Floyd Scholz and your hosts Pam and Jim Krausman as you work to learn all aspects of bird carving and painting in the peaceful, wooded sanctuary known as Krausman's Studio!

Over the course of 10 days, you will marvel at what can be accomplished as you carve, sand and shape the finest Tupelo you will ever touch! You will transform a lifeless block of wood into something that will become a treasured family heirloom.
You will leave tired, yet buoyed with a renewed sense of confidence and understanding as you go home and create those birds you once thought beyond your ability!

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