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1750 S. County Rd. 557, Gwinn, Mi 49841 (906) 238-4475, tollfree(877) 572-8762,,

TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE CALL OR EMAIL US NOW.  All you need is a $200 non-refundable deposit for any class.  Then ½ of the remaining balance will be due 4 months prior to class & the balance will then be due 2 months prior to your class.  The kit fee of $450 is the deposit for the Mueller classes with the remainder of the fee spread over the time remaining prior to class.  At this point all monies become non-refundable & must be paid prior to attending class.  All seminar fees include breakfast, lunch, & dinner.   Please make your checks payable to Pam Krausman.


Jerry Simchuk

May 21-28, 2016

$995 & Kit Fee all meals included

    Please join Jerry Simchuk, a renowned bird carver, at Krausman’s Studio in Gwinn, Michigan where he will be teaching how to carve, paint, build bird feet and even touch on building habitat for an Eastern Blue Jay. Jerry is not only a phenomenal sculptor but also a wonderful teacher. You can see from reading his articles in Wildfowl Carving Magazine that he is very thorough and detail oriented. Having four of his songbirds (one of which was his Eastern Blue Jay) grace the cover of Wildfowl Carving Magazine he will certainly raise your carving and painting to the next level. This beautiful songbird was an inspiration from seeing, hearing and watching out Jerry’s kitchen window over many years. Learn how to go from inspiration to completion with project. During this full 8-day class, here are some of the many things you will learn: anatomy, carving techniques, feather groups, texturing, carving to help your painting, painting with acrylics, color layering, wet blending, soft color transitions, adding more life to your paint, how to build feet, building your own habitat, artistic license, artistry & composition, and more. For those signed up a list of supplies and materials will be provided in advance of the class. For those who may want an extra kit (cutout and eyes), be sure to indicate during sign up so these extra kits can be made available in time for class. Also, Jerry has a study cast and instructional book available for this class. Be sure to indicate during sign up if you wish to purchase a book and/or cast during class. You can view Jerry’s sculptures at


Keith Mueller

June 4th-9th    $895 & $450 kit fee         all meals included

   Carve and paint two decoys: a classically styled drake Blue-winged Teal decoy painted in oils in the unique painting style of Elmer Crowell. This will be a fun painting class offering many styles of oil paint blending, detailing and aging techniques. While you are painting the Teal decoy and while waiting for the paint to “tack up”, you will switch over and “work on” the Gull decoy, adding layers of painting and various “techniques” that will produce an aged and antiqued look. As the layers of “aging” are applied and set aside to dry, you will then switch back to the Teal to continue that painting process. This Gull will be painted as the species you choose: Herring, Lesser Black-backed, Iceland or Glaucous. When it is completed, it will look like it was carved and used many years ago! Each decoy will be carved in advance using Keith’s unique home instruction course with emailed photo lessons and accompanying instructions. Everyone’s decoys will be carved and completed ready for class and the painting instruction. This class will offer everyone that attends a palette of painting techniques.



Keith Mueller

 June 11th- 20th        $1295 & $450 kit fee          all meals included

   Imagine a pair of Pied-billed Grebes or Sungrebes in a very tranquil back-water setting; one swimming slowly through the lilypads and it’s mate taking a snooze on a submerged log. The only movement in this peaceful scene is the gentle ripples peeling away from the swimming Grebe. Keith designs his classes as an experience in the fundamentals of art; a learning experience. Keith’s classes are a progression from year to year delving deeply into the mysteries of art and how you can introduce these wonderful techniques into your carving and painting. Over the last five years, Keith brought his students through a painting journey of understanding color; how to decipher it, how to mix it, how to apply it and to know how to use it. Year one of this artistic progression was painting black values, then to earth tones augmented by lighting influences, layered whites, bright dynamic colors to last years class using iridescence and mixed mediums: oil and acrylics. This year Keith changes gears a bit and introduces “Composition and Design” showcasing the power of negative space! Keith’s classes are unique to our seminar list. He does not set up his classes to carve, paint and complete a bird in the class, but to teach art so that you can “learn and see” and apply these art principals in your bird sculptures. This is a class to advance your techniques; to move forward in your art. Extensive instruction is given featuring color theory, carving techniques, avian anatomy, composition and design, and so much more! Everyone will carve their birds ahead of time in the comfort of your own home using Keith’s unique home instruction course with emailed photos with accompanying instruction. When you come to class with your completed birds, we will begin building the design by carving the compositional elements and positioning the birds to project your personal dynamic composition. Since you will create your own compositional design by what you learn in class, your piece will be inspired by your imagination. The carved lilypads are the key to the drama of this sculpture. Since you will not be carving water….the movement of the water will be recreated by (well, you’ll have to take the class to find out)! Natural Spanish Cedar (cigar box cedar) will be used and finished naturally in part on this composition further adding a dramatic dynamic to the design. Keith carved a small mock-up thumbnail carving of this piece and can be viewed at Just a reminder though, the water you see on this mock-up will not be recreated on the class piece. When everyone’s sculpture is completed, you will paint the piece using various painting techniques such as hand painting, airbrushing, stenciling, etc. using both acrylics and oil paints (or all acrylics if you prefer). The kit includes the two bird blanks, wood for the two legs, glass eyes, patterns, study heads & study bills, & reference photos which will be mailed to you & the at home teaching. All the remaining wood components wood blocks for the lilypads in both tupelo and Spanish Cedar, Spanish Cedar log, and walnut wood oval base will be furnished in class. This will be a very exciting class! You can choose to do it in lifesize or a smaller version. You can also opt to do a single bird if you prefer too. You may let us know when signing up for the class- size preferred & number of birds in composition.



Harley Ragan

August 8th-10th         $295 3 days &      all meals included

     Learn how to carve, paint and swim a decorative working fish decoy with Harley Ragan, a seven time GLFDCCA World Champion and winner of numerous Best of Show Awards over the past 25 years of carving. This will be a 3 day class and we will be carving a 10 inch decorative Brook Trout. The class will include layout and carving the wood tail decoy; proper methods of weighing the decoy to represent a realistic swimming motion; scaling ,texturing and painting techniques for fish decoys. All materials will be supplied(blank, fins, lead). We will be using air dried white pine for the carving. Aluminum will be the fin material and we will paint both by hand and airbrush using acrylics.. This will be a very informal learning experience. Whether you are a beginner carver or a seasoned veteran spear fisherman, I can guarantee, we will all learn how to carve and swim a fish decoy. When the class is complete you should be ready to go spearing with your decoy or start entering competition at GLFDCCA or many of the Minnesota shows affiliated with the NFDA. Check out both of these sites to learn more about fish decoy competitions.


Gary Eigenberger

August 13th-21st    $995 & Blank Fee        all meals included

          Please join the four times Ward World Miniatures Champion & sixteen times Ward World Masters Champion in doing a full sized Scissor-tailed Flycatcher out of tupelo. Plumage will be carved in & some feathers lifted a bit & some reliefed in. Feather splits will be burned in along with the major feather shafts. Secondary feathers will be undercut. Feather formers will be used to create a softness in the feathers. The legs will be made out of brass & epoxy & demonstrated by Gary. You can make your legs ahead if you know what you are doing or do them in the evening after teaching is done for the day. Many of you have expressed that you would like to do your habitat ahead & bring it with you ready for the bird. A clay model has been done ahead to show you the pose of the bird so that you can make a pleasing composition for your mount. You can view this at This bird may be carved out of one piece of wood. Combination stoning & texturing will be used. Topics stressed will include feather layout, texturing, & burning.

Gary will focus on preparing the surface for painting, mixing colors, oil painting which will include wet on wet & wet on dry blending techniques, & soft translucent painting techniques. Gary will be using acrylics as well as oils in painting this bird with more in depth painting. You can be an oil or acrylic painter to take this class. To get feather patterns & their richness, translucency or softness, Gary complements actual textures from his burning tools with the illusion of highlights & shadows with oil pigments. He shows you how to play warm & cool colors against each other to suggest feathers under feathers & to mass in color & create details from negative space. To view Gary’s art go to


Floyd Scholz

September 12th-21st    $1295        all meals included

          Super dooper Coopers Hawk with Floyd Scholz- absolute feathered perfection! You`d be hard pressed to choose a better raptor to create during our 10 days of bird carving in tranquil Gwinn, Michigan as together, amid the soft pine trees surrounding the famed Krausman’s Studio, you will carve & paint a Cooper’s Hawk . From the tip of it`s razor sharp beak and intense ruby red eyes to the end of it`s long elegant tail, this gun metal colored hunter of field and forest is a thing of beauty. All aspects of carving, texturing and painting will be covered in great detail as only Floyd Scholz can.

Special emphasis will be placed upon overall design and the vital relationship between proper texturing and painting. Tupelo & tohickon eyes will be used along with airbrushing. Come and join Jim, Pam and Floyd for this September sensation and be prepared to take your artistic ability to the next level!

CAUTION !!! Pam`s culinary skills plus the "Almost World Famous Ribs" served at the UP NORTH Lodge means you may leave Gwinn, Michigan at the end of this class needing a new wardrobe. To view Floyd’s work go to or go to .


October 1st-8th  6 days   $750 & $00 Kit Fee      

  To wrap up our 25th Anniversary Jim and I decided we wanted to do something really special! We mentioned it to Keith and without hesitating he said “Costa Rica”!!! In our continued efforts to bring to you the absolute finest in birdcarving seminars, we are now hosting the most exciting birdcarving experience imaginable…….an amazing birdcarving and nature experience in the magnificent highland cloudforests of Costa Rica! The seminar will be held at the charming Savegre Mountain Hotel ( )…..and who better to teach this tropical birdcarving seminar than Keith Mueller!

Keith and Jen have been to Costa Rica many times and have made many friends there. They have stayed many times at what they consider “one of the most amazing places on earth” the Savegre Mountain Hotel in the mountains of Southern Costa Rica. The Savegre Hotel is a charming Eco-Lodge and is known around the world as the best place in Costa Rica to see the Resplendent Quetzal year round. The bird species Keith selected for this very special class/experience is a male Collared Trogon. The Collared Trogon is also a common bird around the lodge.

Keith has also put together a beautiful five page report on Costa Rica and the Savegre Mountain Hotel including the scenery and birds around the Hotel on his blog: New England Coastal Birds Because this class is so special, the Hotel is offering an incredibly special room rate/pkg for everyone attending; $75.00 per night including all three meals per person, that’s incredible! You will be responsible for taking care of your flight arrangements arriving in Costa Rica on October 1st & departing on October 8th. This will give you 6 days of painting. No renting cars- we will have drivers for everything including picking you up & returning you to the airport. Depending on what you take part in, the fee for the drivers & guides will be extra & charged to you at the conclusion of the trip.

The hotel is located three hours south from San Jose in the southern Talamanca Mountain highlands in its remote location along the Savegre River in the magnificent Savegre Valley in the small village of San Gerado de Dota. Savegre is Keith and Jen’s favorite location in Costa Rica. Keith calls Savegre “magical”! “There are no sounds of cars or planes to spoil the natural beauty of this isolated and remote location….you can actually hear the passing clouds brushing up against the moss-covered centuries-old Oak Trees”! Savegre Mountain Hotel is a nature lovers and birder’s paradise, a place to become in tune with nature and natural surroundings. Savegre is known as the best location in Costa Rica to see the stunning Resplendent Quetzal throughout the year, usually with multiple daily sightings. Other species of birds abound at Savegre: Emerald Toucanet, Black Guan, Sulphur-winged Parakeets, Acorn Woodpeckers, Long-tailed Silky-Flycatcher, many beautiful highland Hummingbird species, and the beautiful Collared Trogon, the subject bird for this seminar!

You don’t have to be an artist or a birder to enjoy this beautiful and peaceful location. You and your significant other can also enjoy the Hotel’s charming “remoteness” by relaxing on the outside patio watching the clouds pass through the magnificent highland slopes or getting lost in the Hotel’s Spa! Enjoy and admire the beautiful tropical plants and flowers at the Hotel’s tropical gardens full of butterflies. Take leisurely walks along the many trails that are located throughout the area leading along the river and creeks filled with Rainbow Trout, or meandering through the thick and lush tropical forest where the trees are laden with colorful bromeliads and orchids, or winding through the higher elevation virgin Oak Forest Reserve. The walk along the gravel and dirt road leading to the Hotel is amazing….with incredible views, and great birding! Bring your cameras! Also the highlands mean no snakes, mosquitoes, or biting insects……well, there are a few honey bees and wasps flying around! :^) To see the Savegre Hotel and the birds and the natural beauty of this magnificent cloud forest location, check out and enjoy Keith’s blog: ( ). (Savegre Hotel starts on the second page of his blog)

Keith and Jen’s friend Beny who has a driving service called “American Service” will pick everyone up at the airport in San Jose and bring you up to the Hotel and back to the airport at the end of the seminar. (Although rental cars are available, Keith doesn’t recommend renting one). Beny will also be available (with advanced notification) for the spouses for sight-seeing, adventure or shopping. There are many things to do, see and experience in Costa Rica, and Jen will accompany and help guide everyone on the day trips. The possibilities are endless including one of the most popular activities: “zip-lining”!! There are many locations for zip-lining in Costa Rica, but the best location for zip-lining which is highly recommended by Beny is Turu Ba Ri Nature and Adventure Park ( ). This is also shown on Keith’s blog……although Keith chickened out with the zip-line! :^) Because of the remote location of Savegre Hotel, traveling time to San Jose, Turu Ba Ri, and other locations are three to four hours driving time. A few “day-trip” suggestions from Keith and Jen include: starting your day at the Turu Ba Ri zip-lines and/or comfy cable tram in Orotina. After enjoying the hair-raising zip-lines head over to the beautiful small town park in Orotina center and search the trees for the resident pair of Black and White Owls and Two-toed Sloths that make the small park home. Since Orotina is the mango capital of Costa Rica, stop at one of the many fruit stands and enjoy some fresh local fruit and refreshments. From there head down to the coast along the shores of the Gulf of Nicoya. Stop at the souvenir and gift shops and enjoy the local crafts and gifts. These gift shops are right before the bridge over the Rio Tarcoles. Walk out the sidewalks on the bridge and look below! There you will find the Nation’s largest Crocodiles basking in the sun on the mud flats just fifty feet below you. These enormous Crocodiles are nearly 18 feet long, amazing!! But keep your ears and eyes open….this stretch of highway is one of the best locations in Costa Rica to see wild flocks of Scarlet Macaws that fly overhead and also stop to feed in the many Almendro trees that line the road along the beach…..this is truly an amazing sight to see and experience. This area can also be seen on my blog. If time allows, and since you are in the area of the Tarcoles River, a ride on the Crocodile Tour boat might be a good way to end the day: ( ).

Another day trip suggestion: Spend the day in the San Jose area. Shopping in San Jose is quite diversified from jewelry to local art, to just about anything you can imagine. One of the small art shops that Keith and Jen usually go to when in Costa Rica is Galaria Namu ( ). This is a wonderful little shop featuring native Costa Rican art and crafts. Keith collects Brunka Masks and this is the shop where they purchase them and this shop stocks the best made masks in Costa Rica. A trip to the National Museum should be on your list: ( ). On the outskirts of San Jose is a wonderful zoo called Zoo Ave (not Zoo Avenue, but “Bird Zoo”) ( ) . A tour of a Coffee Plantation is a must!

A “third” day of touring/sightseeing in the Cartago/Turrialba areas could include a visit to the National Monument at Guyabo ( ) which is Costa Rica’s “Mayan-type early Spanish civilization ruins. How about white water rafting on the Rio Turrialba? The possibilities are endless & you can customize them to your specific interests! A complete list of sight-seeing, cultural and other activities will be furnished later.

Savegre Hotel is offering a very special rate (which includes all three meals & lodging) for everyone attending this seminar of $75 a day per person. How does this seminar work? It’s easy! The species Keith selected for this seminar will be a beautifully shimmering male Collared Trogon, a bird that is common to the Savegre Hotel area and one that should be readily seen during the seminar. The male Trogon will be perched on a small moss-covered branch highlighted by a few orchid leaves all recreated in tupelo. The seminar will be six days and take place in early October 2016. This bird will be painted in acrylics featuring iridescent colors. As in all of Keith’s classes, you will carve the bird in advance at home under Keith’s instructions and bring the completed carved and textured bird with you to Costa Rica. The painting sessions will be four-five hours a day allowing you plenty of “down-time” to enjoy this beautiful place. Since the seminar will be a relaxed and spontaneous format, even the class time painting can be adjusted to offset the weather or sight-seeing or day trip adventure requests. All paints will be furnished by us so you won’t need to bring any with you. You can bring your brushes with you, or we will have some available at the seminar. That’s it, it’s that easy!

If you are interested in birding, Keith’s plan is to start at dawn for a brisk morning birding walk near the grounds of the hotel. We will hire legendary birding and Naturalist guide Marino Chacon (one of the family owners of the Hotel) for two days who will lead the birding hikes. Marino is Keith’s friend and Keith considers Marino not only an expert on the Resplendent Quetzal, but the best guide in Costa Rica. His knowledge of birds, the environment and conservation is un-matched. The first few hours of the morning is when the birds are most active offering the most productive birding. Around 8:00 am, we will all return to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, we will start painting. But Marino will be available for the spouses and will lead you through the cloud forest explaining all about the birds, trees, plants and this magnificent eco-system. When you have a chance….ask Marino how the Savegre Mountain Hotel came to be. You will be fascinated with that story!

After lunch, we will paint for a few hours, and then its time to enjoy the rest of the day. Keith has become very familiar with the area at Savegre, and he will lead the walks after Marino has finished. Keith will teach you about how he “observes” nature and formulates his sculpture designs and compositions. You will have a chance to observe and see how he “thinks” about his carvings and sculptures and how the birds environment inspires the art. His outdoor classroom will be completely unique. Keith calls the cloud forest “a painting or sculpture with every step”, “the inspiration is endless”!

This will be an amazing bird carving event and experience like no other! Come join us for this most unique and amazing bird carving experience!


Jo Ann Jolley

All Seminars  $100 & kit fees & meals fee

     The quilting projects for 2016 will include a variety of fun projects.  This 36”x31” quick & easy patchwork moose wallhanging will be a great reminder of your stay in the northwoods.  The reversible purse is a shoulder bag with a tie handle or a longer cross-body bag which is a simple project for someone who has never quilted before.  Or you can choose a tote bag with a patchwork, button, or applique front panel to customize this bag to your liking.  Applique options include oak or maple leaves, a butterfly, turtle, or design your own.  Beads can be added for extra embellishment if you like.  Another option for 2016 are fabric bowls in the design of maple or birch leaves in fall colors, poinsettias, sunflowers, butterflies, or pumpkins.  The fusing & molding technique is unique & simple.  Even the carvers were intrigued with these bowls.  They would make great gifts. To view class projects, please go to


Welcome to KRAUSMAN'S WOODCARVING STUDIO, the Midwest's premier education facility. Our studio is located in the heart of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula where forests, lakes, wildlife, and nature abound.

~ Seminars are open to all levels of carvers, unless otherwise indicated.

~ Seminars include a continental breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

~ Class sizes are limited, providing individual as well as group instruction. Hours of instruction are determined by individual instructors.

~ A list of tools and materials needed, and information regarding airport, affordably priced lodging, motels, RV campgrounds, restaurants, and area attractions will be sent upon receipt of registration and class deposits.

~ Students flying in to Sawyer International will be picked up and returned to airport, and transported to lodging and classes to Krausman's Woodcarving Studio for a $20 fee.

~ Enjoy carving all day long in our ergonomic chairs which have arms, adjust in height, breathe, allow you to lean back & have wheels.

~ Watch class demos from the comfort of your seat on TV via our video camera.

~ For more information on the Gwinn area click here

~ For lodging contact :

Model Towne Inn

190 E. M35

Gwinn, MI 49841

(906) 346-7901 ~ Toll Free: (888) 252-9495 E-mail:

Another option for lodging that you might like is the Co-Z Cottages on Big Shag Lake  
Co-Z Cottages, Big Shag Lake, Gwinn, Mi 49841 call Gail at (906)250-5218 or (906)226-8805

To reserve your spot in any seminar, please send in your non-refundable deposit of $200 right away.  Half of the remaining balance will then be due 4 months prior to class & the remaining balance will then be due 2 months prior to class.  At this point all monies are non-refundable.  You must be paid in full prior to attending class.    For more information contact:

Pamyla L. Krausman
1750 S. County Rd. 557
Gwinn, Michigan 49841
Phone/FAX (906) 238-4475
Toll-Free 1-877-KRAUSMA or 1-877-572-8762 


For more information, contact Pamyla or Jim Krausman at
1750 S. County Rd. 557, Gwinn, MI 49841 ~ or call (906) 238-4475 or call toll-free 1-877-572-8762.

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