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1750 S. County Rd. 557, Gwinn, Mi 49841 (906) 238-4475, tollfree(877) 572-8762,,

TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE CALL OR EMAIL US NOW.  All you need is a $200 non-refundable deposit for any class.  Then ½ of the remaining balance will be due 4 months prior to class & the balance will then be due 2 months prior to your class.  The kit fee of $450 is the deposit for the Mueller classes with the remainder of the fee spread over the time remaining prior to class.  At this point all monies become non-refundable & must be paid prior to attending class.  All seminar fees include breakfast, lunch, & dinner.   Please make your checks payable to Pam Krausman.




Keith Mueller

May 30th- June 4th    $895   &   $450 Kit Fee     all meals included

   This decoy workshop will begin with you carving two birds; an Avocet and a Dowitcher, Wigeon, or Black Duck decoy in your own carving shop under home instructions from Keith.  Keith will be carving all four of these decoys along with everyone in this class. The Avocet will be carved from white cedar (or white pine if you have a reaction to cedar) and the Dowitcher, Wigeon, & Black duck from basswood.  Keith will document each set of carving images & written instructions online & then they will be forwarded to each student. If you do not have a computer, then other arrangements will be made. Each instruction packet will be timely sent to everyone with procedures and techniques as needed. With the completion of each step in the carving process, a new instruction packet will arrive continuing the carving process where the last instruction packet left off. Keith understands that everyone carves at different skill levels and time frames. Remember, Keith wants everyone to enjoy the carving process of this pair of decoys by not being rushed so you will thoroughly enjoy all aspects of these beautiful species.  Since these are essentially gunning decoys, you may add as much bill detail and feather carving as you wish. But the suggested overall look required will be a smooth finish to accommodate the oil painting techniques. Each decoy will be uniquely you with the theme of this class being “You paint the decoy with your creative interpretation” of these beautiful birds. When you come to class with your decoys Keith will begin to help you explore the comprehensive world of oil paints and oil painting featuring Keith’s time proven oil painting techniques. Keith will entice you to explore the many fascinating aspects of art. You will be gently encouraged by Keith to look at decoy carving and painting with fresh eyes. The two birds will be carved and painted in two decoy methods; one portraying “simulated age” and the other highlighting a contemporary feel with interpreted realistically painted feathers. We will use techniques on the Avocet to portray a sense of age and history as if this bird was carved 100 years ago and has many stories to tell. The Dowitcher, Wigeon, & Black Duck will portray a decoy that is fresh and new, with many stories yet to tell. Oil paints will be used for the painting, including painting techniques of blending, brushwork, color theory, proper color usage and detailed fine brush work.  Bring practice boards.



Keith Mueller

June 6th-15th     $1295   &   $450 Kit Fee       all meals included

       Come join a celebration of avian art in a magical location; up north in the UP of Michigan. This very special seminar is unlike any other. The subject birds will be your choice of a full-sized open wing Black-billed Magpie or an open wing Common Raven carved 4/5 life-sized being the same size as the Magpie.  The painting theme of these intriguing species will be utilizing “iridescence”. How does it work? Because of its uniqueness, this painting/design workshop will begin with you carving your own Corvid species in your carving shop under home instructions from Keith who will be carving the Magpie and Raven along with everyone in this class.  He will document each set of carving images & written instructions online & they will then be forwarded to each student. If a student does not have a computer, other arrangements will be made. Each instruction packet will be timely sent to everyone with procedures and techniques as needed. With the completion of each step in the carving process, a new instruction packet will arrive continuing the carving process where the last instruction packet left off.  Keith understands that everyone carves at different skill levels and time frames, and to accommodate this, Keith will offer alternative techniques for each carver to use depending on your skill level. These alternative techniques will be evident with the many feather carving techniques he will demonstrate for you and will guide you through such techniques as feather delineation, edge carving, stoning, burning, feather shafts, feather activity, and many others. Remember, Keith wants everyone to enjoy the carving process of this Corvid by not being rushed so you will thoroughly enjoy all aspects of these beautiful birds. Each Corvid will be carved from tupelo. The wings and tail sections will be inserted into the main body block. The heads will be carved separately and attached to the body in the position you envision. The uniqueness of this bird project is the position; each bird can be displayed as a “flying” bird or a perched bird with open wings. Feather inserts will be demonstrated, and is up to you to determine if you chose to insert them or carve the primaries and tail rectrices completely from the wood sections. Keith will demonstrate many methods and techniques in this workshop allowing many individual applications. Each Corvid will be an individual inspired work of art, incorporating interesting and thought provoking artistic interactions of color theory, visual and color dynamics. Keith will entice you to explore the many fascinating aspects of art; you will be gently encouraged by Keith to look at bird carving with fresh eyes. We will be painting each Magpie or Raven in a mixed medium approach: using both oils and acrylics. Keith will instruct you in many of the fascinating elements of creative artistic and painting techniques including color theory and proper color usage, color dynamics, natural elements of color and illumination, cast light, highlights and shadows, natural interactions and of course, how to use and get the maximum out of your paint. Each attendee is encouraged to bring as much reference as possible.





Jerry Simchuk

 June 18th- 25th        $995 & Blank Fee         all meals included

    Please join Jerry Simchuk, a renowned bird carver, at Krausman’s Studio in Gwinn, Michigan where he will be teaching how to carve, paint, build bird feet and even go over building habitat for a Pine Siskin. Jerry is not only a phenomenal sculptor but also a wonderful teacher.  You can see from reading his articles in Wildfowl Carving & Collecting Magazine that he is a very thorough & detail oriented.  Having four of his songbirds grace the cover of Wildfowl Carving Magazine he will certainly raise your carving and painting to the next level. This great little songbird will be a featured purchase award subject during the 2015 Columbia Flyway Carving Show in Vancouver, Washington.  Experience how Jerry approaches a competition entry.

    During this full 8-day class here are some of the many things you will learn: anatomy, carving techniques, feather groups, texturing, carving to help your painting, painting with acrylics, color layering, wet blending, soft color transitions, adding more life to your paint, how to build feet, building your own habitat, artistic license, artistry & composition, and more.

    For those who may want an extra kit (cutout & eyes), be sure to indicate during signup so these extra kits can be made available in time for class.


Gary Eigenberger

August10th-- 17th         $995 &  Blank Fee         all meals included

     Please join the three times Ward World Miniatures Champion & fourteen times Ward World Masters Champion in doing a full sized Cattle Egret in breeding plumage out of tupelo.  When in breeding plumage this bird has beautiful coral pink legs, orange pink bill, with rusty rich orange sienna brown plumage.  The Cattle Egret will be depicted in kind of a fluffed body with head tucked down into the neck.  This bird will have a kingfisher like crest with carved lifted feathers.  Plumage will be carved in & some feathers lifted a bit & some relieved in.  Feather splits will be burned in along with the major feather shafts of the long plumes.  Secondary feathers will be undercut.  Feather formers will be used to create a softness in the feathers.  The legs will be made out of brass & epoxy.  Then the bird will have its legs submerged in a slab of hardwood which will depict water.  It will be finished with sanding & tung oil with rings carved in gently to look like water rings around the legs.  Combination stoning & texturing will be used.  Topics stressed will include feather layout, texturing, & burning.


Gary will focus on preparing the surface for painting, mixing colors, oil painting which will include wet on wet & wet on dry blending techniques, & soft translucent painting techniques. Gary will be using acrylics as well as oils in painting this bird with more in depth painting.  You can be an oil or acrylic painter to take this class.  To get feather patterns & their richness, translucency or softness, Gary complements actual textures from his burning tools with the illusion of highlights & shadows with oil pigments. He shows you how to play warm & cool colors against each other to suggest feathers under feathers & to mass in color & create details from negative space. He plans on showing you how to paint some highlights & shadows from the water in an illusory type way on it’s belly. To view Gary’s art go to


Pat Godin  

August 27nd  – September 3rd   $1100 & Blank Fee   8 days   all meals included

Canvasbacks, subject of this seminar by Thirteen-time World Champion Pat Godin, have been described as the “King of Ducks”.   Few observers of waterfowl would not immediately recognize the striking and bold profile of this species.   The sloping forehead and bill along with the thick bull neck are classic features important for the artist to capture.  The color scheme of the drake features high contrast while the hen is primarily soft earth tones.   Both sexes are highly vermiculated as well. 
   The students attending this session will have a choice of selecting to carve and paint a “smoothie” style of either the Canvasback Drake or Hen.   The carving and detailing of this species will not be significantly different for the two sexes.  However, for the painting Pat will demonstrate the painting for both, since there are clear differences in their color schemes.   During the seminar emphasis will be placed on capturing the classic shape of this species.  In addition, Pat will demonstrate the sculpting of the head and body, the carving and detailing of the bill, the shaping of feather groups to emphasize feather flow.   Combed vermiculation techniques will be used on both the hen and drake.   There will also be opportunities to learn different methods of blending acrylic paints and to develop the feeling of light by painting highlight and shadow to exaggerate the three-dimensional shapes carved into the surface.


Each student will receive an image CD showing in detail the entire project for the Canvasback Drake and Hen.  To view Pat’s art or items he has for sale go to   To view the class project go to


Floyd Scholz

September 14th-23rd    $1295    10 days    all meals included

          Pride, accomplishment & satisfaction is what you’ll feel upon completion of this once in a lifetime carving & painting experience! Join world renowned carver Floyd Scholz in tranquil Gwinn, Michigan as together, amid the soft pine trees surrounding the famed Krausman’s Studio you’ll design, carve, & paint a majestic male Great Horned Owl.  Explore the power & mystery of the most powerful of woodland predators, & logo of the Krausman’s Studio... the Great Horned Owl!
    So it is time to get serious! Are you up to the challenge?  I believe you are!
    Together over 10 information filled days, we’ll completely carve, texture & paint a life-size 14” male Great Horned Owl out of tupelo. Seminar participants will actively engage in every aspect of carving, texturing and painting a Great Horned Owl.
Areas of particular focus will be the important relationships between proper texturing techniques and soft subtle paint application to put forth an illusion of extreme feathered softness.  Facial expression and overall body posture will be emphasized as these key factors are vital in contributing to the all important "essence of the species".Specially created  luminescent eyes by Tohican Glass Eyes will be supplied giving your Owl a wise stately expression sure to delight all who see him. 

This Owl will become a treasured family heirloom. 


Jo Ann Jolley

All Seminars  $100 & kit fees & meals fee

     The quilting projects for 2015 will include a variety of fun projects.  This 36”x31” quick & easy patchwork moose wallhanging will be a great reminder of your stay in the northwoods.  The reversible purse is a shoulder bag with a tie handle or a longer cross-body bag which is a simple project for someone who has never quilted before.  Or you can choose a tote bag with a patchwork, button, or applique front panel to customize this bag to your liking.  Applique options include oak or maple leaves, a butterfly, turtle, or design your own.  Beads can be added for extra embellishment if you like.  Another option for 2015 are fabric bowls in the design of maple or birch leaves in fall colors, poinsettias, sunflowers, butterflies, or pumpkins.  The fusing & molding technique is unique & simple.  Even the carvers were intrigued with these bowls.  They would make great gifts. To view class projects, please go to


Welcome to KRAUSMAN'S WOODCARVING STUDIO, the Midwest's premier education facility. Our studio is located in the heart of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula where forests, lakes, wildlife, and nature abound.

~ Seminars are open to all levels of carvers, unless otherwise indicated.

~ Seminars include a continental breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

~ Class sizes are limited, providing individual as well as group instruction. Hours of instruction are determined by individual instructors.

~ A list of tools and materials needed, and information regarding airport, affordably priced lodging, motels, RV campgrounds, restaurants, and area attractions will be sent upon receipt of registration and class deposits.

~ Students flying in to Sawyer International will be picked up and returned to airport, and transported to lodging and classes to Krausman's Woodcarving Studio for a $20 fee.

~ Enjoy carving all day long in our ergonomic chairs which have arms, adjust in height, breathe, allow you to lean back & have wheels.

~ Watch class demos from the comfort of your seat on TV via our video camera.

~ For more information on the Gwinn area click here

~ For lodging contact :

Model Towne Inn

190 E. M35

Gwinn, MI 49841

(906) 346-7901 ~ Toll Free: (888) 252-9495 E-mail:

Another option for lodging that you might like is the Co-Z Cottages on Big Shag Lake  
Co-Z Cottages, Big Shag Lake, Gwinn, Mi 49841 call Gail at (906)250-5218 or (906)226-8805

To reserve your spot in any seminar, please send in your non-refundable deposit of $200 right away.  Half of the remaining balance will then be due 4 months prior to class & the remaining balance will then be due 2 months prior to class.  At this point all monies are non-refundable.  You must be paid in full prior to attending class.    For more information contact:

Pamyla L. Krausman
1750 S. County Rd. 557
Gwinn, Michigan 49841
Phone/FAX (906) 238-4475
Toll-Free 1-877-KRAUSMA or 1-877-572-8762 


For more information, contact Pamyla or Jim Krausman at
1750 S. County Rd. 557, Gwinn, MI 49841 ~ or call (906) 238-4475 or call toll-free 1-877-572-8762.

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